1. Just because its cool…


  2. The many heads of Tom Vann from tomanddan.com


  3. #awesome


  4. swerveyjones:

    Sorry for the delay on the last show.„ but here it is.


  5. It’s a lifestyle. #bdm


  6. #sjs now on #itunes #podcast




  9. scinewscom:

    Cyatta abscondita: New Genus, Species of Fungus-Growing Ant Discovered



  10. rtamerica:

    The latest Edward Snowden disclosure reveals the NSA and its British spying partner, GCHQ, engaging in mass surveillance of allies, economic organizations, and humanitarian groups in over 60 countries. It adds further evidence that the NSA and its partners may be focused on more than national security, but also economic and diplomatic espionage. RT’s Sam Sacks reports.

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