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    Sorry for the delay on the last show.„ but here it is.


  2. It’s a lifestyle. #bdm


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  6. scinewscom:

    Cyatta abscondita: New Genus, Species of Fungus-Growing Ant Discovered



  7. rtamerica:

    The latest Edward Snowden disclosure reveals the NSA and its British spying partner, GCHQ, engaging in mass surveillance of allies, economic organizations, and humanitarian groups in over 60 countries. It adds further evidence that the NSA and its partners may be focused on more than national security, but also economic and diplomatic espionage. RT’s Sam Sacks reports.

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  8. rtamerica:

    Facebook won’t pay taxes again, will get refund instead

    It’s shaping up to be another multi-billion dollar year for Facebook, but don’t expect the social networking site to pay it forward: according to a new analysis, the website will pay no taxes this year and will instead likely receive a federal refund.

    That’s according to Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma), who on Tuesday this week released the 2013 edition of his annual “Wastebook” report detailing instances of what he considers unnecessary government spending.

    When it comes to spending your money, those in Washington tend to see no waste, speak no waste and cut no waste,” Coburn writes in the introduction to this year’s 177-page report.


  9. rtamerica:

    Eyes everywhere: NSA’s second tier spying partners identified

    Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and several other EU countries were named among “third party partners” in the NSA-led global signal intelligence program, a new leak submitted by journalist Glenn Greenwald to Danish TV reveals.

    According to the document, obtained by Swedish TV program ‘Mission: Investigate’, that has been probing Sweden’s participation in global spying operations, nine European countries were added to the list of NSA accomplices. 


  10. rtamerica:

    ‘Data brokers’ selling personal info of rape victims to marketers - report

    “Data brokers” track, categorize and sell personal health information for marketing use, a new US Senate report reveals. Data groupings include rape victims and HIV-positive individuals, those with depression and dementia, and womens’ gynecologist visits.

    Hundreds of so-called “data brokers” in the US maintain databases made up of Americans’ sensitive health details. A report by the Senate Commerce Committee says the companies are legally allowed to withhold from individuals what data is collected, how one is categorized and who buys the information.

    The report on the global multi-billion dollar industry was released Wednesday ahead of a committee hearing on such practices. Though the report does not detail wrongdoing, it does point out the reams of consumer data made available to marketers in the digital era. The information is used for targeted advertising across the web.